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Buy Triptorelin (GnRH) 2mg is a research peptide that is being studied. To date, it is having a positive effect on treating prostate cancer, and treat early-onset puberty.

What is Triptorelin GnRH?

Triptorelin raises testosterone levels by causing constant stimulation of the pituitary. It decreases pituitary secretion of gonadotropins luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Thus decreasing both testosterone production and gonadal activity.

Triptorelin injection causes a sharp drop in the levels of serum LH and FSH, along with a corresponding drop in serum testosterone levels, for one to three days after each injection. The drop in serum testosterone levels continues to drop up to four days after each injection of triptorelin.

Triptorelin is used in the following situations

Prostatic cancer – Triptorelin is often used to treat symptoms of advanced prostate cancer, such as hot flashes, sleep problems, and weight loss.

Ovarian cancer – When used to treat advanced ovarian cancer, triptorelin is often given to treat the side effect of osteopenia, or bone loss in women who have cancer.

Prostate cancer – When used in combination with LHRH (luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone) agonists, triptorelin is often used to stimulate the growth of tumors in prostate cancer.

Low testosterone levels in aging men – The main use of triptorelin in men is to treat symptoms of low testosterone levels that occur with aging.

How to use Triptorelin

Triptorelin is given by injection. The medication is usually injected into the arm or abdomen.

The injection is usually given as follows:

Your doctor will give you written instructions to guide you on how often to take your injections and the amount to give you. Be sure to keep your injection schedule carefully.

Injections are usually given by health care professionals who are specially trained in the injection process.

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Make sure you always understand your medication schedule, including when and how often you should take your injections. Be sure to follow the instructions you are given for your treatment.

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Buy Thyrotropin TRH

Buy Research PeptidesBuy Thyrotropin TRH here for study use in treating thyroid disorders. We supply the best research peptides for sale online. All of our research peptides are tested and are at least 99% pure. They are of the best quality at unbeatable prices. Plus they are manufactured in the US by leading company Peptide Sciences. If you are in the research trade and want to buy Thyrotropin TRH see here now:

How do you get TRH?

Thyrotropin TRH/LHRH (also called thyroliberin) is a hypothalamic neuropeptide that stimulates the thyroid release of T3 and T4 from the thyroid gland. It is similar in structure to LHRH [Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LH-RH)] but its effects are less potent and it is more variable. It has a short half-life. TRH has no antisecretory activity, but stimulates, via its action on the pituitary, increased thyroid hormone output, particularly T3.

Is TSH and TRH the same?

Thyrotropin TRH (tripeptide hypothalamic regulatory hormone) is effective in regulating hormones concerned with the thyroid hormone. It is useful for treating patients with thyroid disorders. The first published description of this material and its therapeutic uses is found in U.S. Pat. No. 3,974,276 (issued to T. A. Waddell et al). According to this patent, thyroid hormones can be beneficially regulated by administering a TRH substance to a patient in a sufficient amount to achieve a desired therapeutic effect.

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Further, it was shown that TRH is stable at room temperature and does not undergo significant changes in its activity at such temperatures. Thus, the TRH tripeptide may be delivered to the patient in a suitable composition containing an inert stabilizer to provide a “cold” injectable pharmaceutical preparation, the injection being “cold” since the patient’s body temperature is usually in the range of to 38. degrees. C.

What stimulates TRH?

The TRH composition is preferably isotonic with the blood or body fluid of the patient to be treated. However, in administering the TRH-containing composition to the patient, the TRH concentration should be sufficiently high to achieve a therapeutic effect, but sufficiently low so that metabolic breakdown of the TRH does not occur. TRH compounds have the property of exhibiting a sharp, discrete, breakpoint at about 0.5 ng/ml when assayed by the so-called “immuno-diffusion” technique on a Sephadex G-25 column. This breakpoint represents the concentration at which the TRH will be maximally effective. Thus, it is preferred that the TRH concentration in the composition be within this concentration range.

Does TRH cause weight gain?

Subsequent to the original TRH patent there has been some discussion and controversy regarding TRH as an endogenous hypothalamic TRH. For example, U.S. Pat. No. 3,906,220 to F. E. McManus shows that TRH-like peptides exist in the nervous system of humans, birds, and fish, and that such peptides are also produced in the anterior pituitary gland. The patent suggests that the function of such peptides is to provide a positive feedback control mechanism for the functioning of TRH systems. U.S. Pat. No. 3,928,572 to D. R. McDevitt et al shows that a “cold” injectable TRH is therapeutically effective to raise the plasma thyrotropin levels in humans and prevent thyroid atrophy, and is thus useful in treating thyroid disorders.

The patent shows a TRH composition wherein the TRH concentration is above the “therapeutic” break point concentration of about 0.5 ng/ml and is within the range of from about 1 ng/ml to about 100 ng/ml. This composition can be prepared from the crude TRH extract from the natural source, such as the hypothalamus of pigs, sheep and rats.

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PNC-27 For Sale

PNC-27 For Sale PNC-27 For Sale in 5mg vials for $150.00. It is a research peptide for education and development only. The research peptide PNC-27 is showing good results in killing cancer cells. More work is needed before it can be in mainstream medicine. Therefore, we are here to make sure researchers buy PNC-27 that is safe, and pure for study.

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What is PNC-27?

The cancer peptide PNC-27 has the capability to join the cancer cells and kill them whilst not affecting any healthy human cells. PNC-27 is a non-toxic cancer-targeting peptide that specifically accumulates in cancer cells and targets them for killing via induction of a cell death pathway.

History of PNC-27

PNC-27 is the human form of a cancer-targeting peptide (CTP) that was originally derived from a sequence in the P53 gene. This peptide has good antitumor activity when studied in vitro and was shown to have significant antitumor activity in vivo using a mouse xenograft tumor model. It was shown to be non-toxic to the host animal, and not toxic to bone marrow stem cells.

PNC-27 For Sale for study only

The CTP has since been altered to include the H2 domain of the H-ficolin protein (a human protein). This altered peptide, “PNC-27”, has been shown to be an effective cancer treatment. It specifically targets cancer cells whilst not affecting normal human cells. PNC-27 has been shown to accumulate in the blood of cancer patients and kill tumor cells.

PNC-27 Mechanism of action

PNC-27 specifically targets cancer cells for killing via induction of a cell death pathway. PNC-27 enters the cancer cell and binds to an oncogene (or mutated gene) product to form a stable complex. When the CTP binds to the oncogene product, the complex can no longer transmit signals that turn on growth or inhibit the cell. This induces cell death.

PNC-27 Cancer

Unlike other cancer therapies, which induce apoptosis and/or suppress growth, PNC-27 kills cancer cells by activating a pathway in the cancer cells that normally leads to death in these cells.

PNC-27 is not toxic to normal human cells. Therefore, the treatment should not affect blood cells, bone marrow, or any other healthy tissues.

Antitumor activity of PNC-27

PNC-27 has been shown to have antitumor activity in a xenograft mouse model. In vivo experiments also showed that PNC-27 accumulates in cancer cells, and PNC-27 is taken up by cancer cells in a dose-dependent manner. Once taken up by the cells, PNC-27 appears to be stable and does not diffuse out of the cells.

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The peptide also showed activity in several other tumor models. In vivo experiments using human tumor cells showed that the peptide is highly effective in vivo and is capable of killing tumor cells in the blood. The treatment of mice with human tumor cells in the blood also showed that PNC-27 targets and kills human tumors. This means that the peptide is not only active in vivo, but it is also capable of killing human tumors.

In addition, PNC-27 has the capability to kill tumor cells that have been treated with a chemotherapeutic drug.

All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.